Blockchain The world of work has changed, it needs the benefits of this amazing technology. It's time to use decentralized services and data, so that no central entity can manipulate them. at work Business requires immutable data READ MORE Blockchain Anchoor wants to bring this powerful technology into everyday life, in a simple and accessible way. for people People need continuously available data READ MORE EFFICIENT Anchoor firmly argues that an Information System that does not have at least these characteristics cannot be released in any production environment! SECURE Anchoor cares about the software's quality READ MORE USABLE

Design and Implementation of Information Systems and services based on

The Company

Anchoor is an SME founded in 2018 that operates in the field of the software industry and deals in particular with the research, design and development of applications, services and complete Information Systems based on Blockchain technology.

Anchoor’s intent is to create information systems that exploit the great potential that Blockchain technology offers us, not only in the field of cryptocurrencies but in a multitude of sectors.

Our systems are aimed at companies all over the world, they can be designed together with the customer, developed and managed remotely without any physical presence in a specific place.

The main goal

The main goal of Anchoor is to create a platform that acts as a simple and accessible interface to the world of Blockchain, a technology with great potential but complicated and difficult to understand and use for the general public of companies and individuals.

The Blockchain is still not fully exploited today for all it can offer. Anchoor intends to contribute to making it easy and immediate to use these benefits in the world of work and in everyday life.

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